Moose tour reservation

Below you will find the coming moose tours. You do not need to book in advance for these ones. If you have any questions please call +46 70 36 36 061.

Moose tours week 34

Monday 18 Aug 10.30 am
Wednesday 20 Aug 10.00 am
Friday 22 Aug 13.00 pm
Saturday 23 Aug 13.00 pm

Welcome to Moose Garden

If you want to come and join one of our moose tours you will find the coming week scheduled times to the right. For more advanced bookings please call +46 70 36 36 061 to make your reservation. If you want to enjoy the moose from your bedroom window you should book a stay in one of our 'moose lodges'. You can find more info under 'Lodges' in the menubar.